Innovation and sustainability

Our innovations are driving the automotive industry towards a sustainable future.

For more than half a century, our innovations have protected and modernized the vehicles you drive, and your customers drive, from industrial earth movers to high performance cars, enabling us all to go further, for longer, for wherever life takes us.

It’s not luck that has got us there. It’s a drive of an altogether different kind. A passion to create powder coatings that deliver the optimum performance in any conditions and any environment.

It’s a drive that’s innovated products with a quality and consistency second to none, that can be applied right first time, every time, and that support the demands of any production line, making parts or whole vehicles.

It’s a journey that has taken us to a more responsible and sustainable future, eliminating harmful VOCs and other damaging emissions for a safer working environment, and a safer world. And it’s a journey that is leading us to an even more exciting destination, and the ability to work with new substrates and materials, to help make the vehicles of the future lighter, more energy efficient, and sustainable.

We’re driving the current to power your future.

Innovation is the engine that keeps running

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our high-performance coatings protect every part of a vehicle, inside and out, from the harmful effects of chemicals, corrosion, and UV light, and the everyday wear and tear of life.

Cars, trucks, vans, motorbikes, tractors – from the smallest sports car to the largest industrial earth movers – all benefit from AkzoNobel’s ongoing innovation in powder coating technology, as do the next generation electrical vehicles.

Whether it’s a conventional vehicle or electrically powered, we are always going further: further in thermal management and superior electrical insulating properties to help power up the next generation; further in helping electrical and electronic components perform in extreme environments; further in where our coatings can be applied, not just onto the vehicle body but also onto motors, battery systems and electrical storage units; and going further in developing coatings that support the ultra-light automotive platforms of the future.

In whichever direction you are heading, and whatever journey you are on, we’re supporting the next generation technologies to drive a better future.

We’re on the road to a sustainable future

Our powder coatings contain no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which gives them a distinct point of difference and a unique selling point in an age of increasing environmental awareness. They also have a high utilization of material – up to 99% – and any overspray can be recycled, thus further minimizing waste and supporting your sustainability agenda.

Our solutions are founded on the innovation, performance and technical expertise that comes from more than half a century of positive thinking. Together, we have our sustainable future covered, helping you in driving the current to power your future.

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