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Our high-performance powder coatings protect every part of vehicle, conventional or electric, inside and out.

Interpon A1000 – Underhood/Underbody

The first line of defence in demanding environments requiring high performance protection.

Whether it’s the potential damage caused by fuel and battery acids, or more general wear and tear, chassis and powertrains coated with Interpon A1000 are protected against any challenge, from the smallest chips to the most serious corrosion. With their environmental benefits and the advantages of AkzoNobel’s proprietary particle management technology, it is no surprise that Interpon A1000 is the first choice for a wide range of components, from coil springs to brake systems, engine blocks to head lamp reflectors. When high performance protection is required Interpon A1000 is your first line of defence.

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Interpon A2000 – Trim & body

Combine the perfect finish with a performance that is built to last.

Interpon’s vast range of coatings and finishes are designed and approved to protect and enhance car bodies and trim for the most demanding OEMs. From smooth high gloss black topcoats to soft matt coatings and metallic effects, we can provide car bodies and trim with the finish and protection they need, down to the finest detail. All trim and body products are underpinned by UV durability and superior smoothness and levelling. The interior vehicle components have the abrasion and humidity resistance they require, while the exterior trim is protected from chemicals, chips and scratches, and all that life can throw at it.

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Interpon A3000 - Motorbike

Bringing a touch of class, performance and application for vehicles on two wheels or three.

Providing high levels of durability and protection against corrosion, Interpon A3000 has been specifically developed with motorbikes and mopeds in mind, where heat resistance, superior functionality and a high-quality aesthetic finish is required. Available in a wide range of colors and glosses, the range benefits from the patented Particle Management Technology, bringing improved control of the powder coating process.

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Interpon A4000 – Wheels

High quality powder coatings to protect, enhance and decorate automotive alloy wheels

Whether coating steel or aluminum, the Interpon A4000 range of powders combines the lasting quality of a Class A automotive finish with the ultimate protection from chips and scratches. The specially formulated, easy-to-use range of primers, basecoats and clearcoats provide superior UV durability, increased production efficiencies and reduced rework rates, and are available in metallic and special effect finishes.

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Interpon A5000 - Trucks, trailers and buses

Powder coatings that drive your trucks, trailers and buses to out-perform in the most challenging conditions.

Chassis and body components of trucks, trailers and buses coated with Interpon’s A5000 range have the advantage of excellent corrosion protection and resistance against chemical damage. They are also protected against chipping, resistant to scratching, and flexible enough to handle the changing seasons. The range includes topcoats and primers tested against OEM specifications to meet the protective and aesthetic needs of all components of these heavy-duty vehicles, including fuel tanks, pressure tanks, and loading systems.

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Why choose Interpon?

Chorus of Approvals

We’re not just meeting standards, we’re setting them.

At Interpon, we pride ourselves on providing the finish you need. That's why we thoroughly test our products to meet the most demanding warranties and certifications, so that you and your customers can be sure that your vehicle will not only look brilliant, but be backed by a range of OEM approvals.

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Outstanding performance 

For both design aesthetics and protective performance, our powder coatings are the best performing products on the market

Interpon automotive powder coatings protect and enhance every part of a vehicle, inside and out, from the chassis to the wheels, and a great deal more besides. On the outside, springs, engine blocks, electrical components, and headlamp reflectors all benefit from the protective performance that Interpon provides; on the inside, audio speaker covers, door interiors, seat frames and slides gain similar advantages. And Interpon not only protects but also enhances, with a top body coat that provides a viable alternative to liquid with a system that requires fewer layers and is better for the environment.

A global partner 

Being a global leader in powder coatings means being recognized and recommended by professionals across the world.

For the quality and consistency of our products in every corner of the globe, wherever you may be. Being global also means working with you on any project, of any size, anywhere, to protect one of our most important and valuable assets from all life can bring.

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