Heavy duty performance

Designed for the very particular demands of the Agricultural and Construction Equipment (ACE) market, our products combine superior corrosion and weathering protection with a high-quality finish for vehicles that are constantly pushed to the limit.

Interpon ACE 500

Setting new standards in performance.

The ACE 500 series is available in a range of colors and finishes to meet your standard durability needs. Available with or without TGIC, the range provides consistently high protective qualities, UV stability and mechanical performance.

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Interpon ACE 1000

Resisting corrosion and chemical damage but retaining color, gloss and finish.

Designed for exterior components, the ACE 1000 range meets all of your functional and decorative needs. Outstanding resistance to chemicals, corrosion and everyday wear and tear is complemented by superior color retention in a high-gloss or satin finish. This not only keeps your vehicle performing, but also looking good all year round. And with low-E, it offers the benefit of curing with lower oven temperatures to increase line speeds and further improve production throughout.

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Interpon ACE 2000

Super durable topcoats that perform in the world’s most challenging environments.

Super durability, superior UV and weather resistance, and protection against corrosion are the principal advantages of the ACE 2000 range. Available in satin and high gloss finishes, the range is tested to deliver in some of the most extreme conditions to ensure your heavy equipment is always performing, no matter how big the challenge.

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Primers for ACE

Primers tested to the highest specification to protect from corrosion

Interpon’s easy-to-apply primers have been tested to the OEM specification to protect heavy duty vehicles and equipment from salt spray and chemical corrosion. Combined with a topcoat, the system provides excellent weatherability and durability, as well as resistance to humidity and impact damage. Standard primer solutions are also available within our Interpon Redox system.

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Interpon ACE Low-E

Lower energy powder coatings that deliver protection and aesthetics in ACE applications

Interpon ACE Low-E is an innovative topcoat that has been specially engineered to deliver a number of benefits: it can either cure at a lower temperature, enabling businesses to realize significant savings on energy and support a company’s drive towards net zero; or it can cure faster, therefore accelerating powder coating line speeds and increasing production volumes. Interpon ACE Low-E has various levels of durability to maintain the look and performance of machinery and equipment and protect them for longer, no matter how tough the challenge. By combining Interpon ACE Low-E topcoat with a primer, excellent levels of corrosion protection can be achieved.

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Interpon HT

When the heat is really on, you need a powder coating that performs.

Developed for applications that require heat resistance properties ranging from 200ºC to the extreme high heat temperatures of 550ºC, surfaces coated with Interpon HT will remain fully resistant to delamination, corrosion, and cracking. It means they will retain their color and film integrity for longer, even in the most extreme conditions.

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Why choose Interpon?

Chorus of Approvals

We’re not just meeting standards, we’re setting them.

At Interpon, we pride ourselves on providing the finish you need. That's why we thoroughly test our products to meet the most demanding warranties and certifications, so that you and your customers can be sure that your vehicle will not only look brilliant, but be backed by a range of OEM approvals.

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Outstanding performance 

For both design aesthetics and protective performance, our powder coatings are the best performing products on the market

The Interpon ACE range of powder coatings is the stand-out performer for a sector of outstanding performers. From construction to agriculture, forestry to mining, Interpon ACE powder coatings deliver superior corrosion and weathering protection, as well as an array of high-quality finishes and single-step coating process that makes them the product of choice for vehicles and equipment often pushed to the limit of their endurance. The range is suitable for any vehicle type, whether a tractor or digger, forklift or bulldozer, protecting and enhancing with bespoke products or colors, matched to your particular need.

A global partner 

Being a global leader in powder coatings means being recognized and recommended by professionals across the world.

For the quality and consistency of our products in every corner of the globe, wherever you may be. Being global also means working with you on any project, of any size, anywhere, to protect one of our most important and valuable assets from all life can bring.

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