We are advancing future generations towards a more responsible and sustainable future.


We’re creating new benchmarks for both ‘conventional’ and new generation electrical vehicles.


It’s not luck that has got us here, but a drive of a very different kind, with you at the center.


Through our innovation and technical excellence, we’re helping to transform the market.

Drive Drive Drive

We’re driving the current to power your future.

Driving. We love it. It’s a global passion. And we’re passionate too. About working with OEMs and the wider industry to protect the cars, trucks and buses that keep our people, our cities and our world mobile. And not only in an aesthetic sense, to protect the design quality and integrity of the vehicle. But also to protect one of our most valuable and important assets from all that life can throw at it.

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Fuelling future ambitions

We’re setting new benchmarks in meeting the demand for constant innovation.

We are always going further: going further in thermal management and superior electrical insulating properties to help power up the next generation; further in helping electrical and electronic components perform in extreme environments; further in where our coatings can be applied, not just onto the vehicle body but also onto motors, battery systems and electrical storage units; and going further in developing coatings that support the ultra-light automotive platforms of the future.

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Putting you in the driver’s seat

Our drive is putting the expertise of our technical teams at your disposal.

You need a powder coating that delivers the optimum performance in any conditions and any environment. You want products that can be applied without fuss, and with optimum efficiency. And you want to know that there’s someone on hand if you need them. That’s why we’ve built a business on putting customers first and accelerating vehicle performance.

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Advancing future generations

We’re driving the current to power your future.

We’ve been protecting and modernizing everything from industrial earth movers to high-performance cars for more than half a century, enabling us all to go further for longer, wherever life takes us. The ability to work with new substrates and materials, to help make the vehicles of the future lighter and more energy efficient, puts us on the road to a more sustainable future, eliminating harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and other damaging emissions for a safer world.

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Moving into the fast lane

We’re leading the charge, influencing what’s possible and transforming the market.

Through our innovation and technical excellence, we’re helping to transform the market, actively supporting our customers through partnerships and product development that are influencing the design of future vehicles. Our solutions have evolved from 60 years of success and address the ‘conventional’ realities of today, with the electric dreams of tomorrow.

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Chorus of Approvals

We are constantly innovating and researching to give you the broadest palette of amazing colors that are always trend.

Outstanding performance

For both design aesthetics and protective performance, our powder coatings are the best performing products on the market.

A global partner

We're global, which means guaranteed quality and consistency for any project, anywhere in the world.

Sector Applications

Whether it's a motorbike, car, truck, tractor, or next generation EV, our high-performance powder coatings protect every part of a vehicle, inside and out, from the harmful effects of chemicals, corrosion, and UV light, and the everyday wear and tear of life.

  • Essential exterior parts including washers and dampers, bumpers and grilles, roofracks and wheels
  • Engine blocks and electrical components found under the hood
  • Wiper blades, light fittings and headlamp reflectors to help you see and be seen
  • Interior products such as audio speaker covers, door interiors, seat frames and slides
  • Top body coats that provides a viable alternative to liquid with a system that requires fewer layers and is better for the environment.

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